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An article from the South Wales Echo reporting that the Butetown Carnival, Cardiff, would go on in 1995 despite financial constraints.

"The carnival started in the mid-1960s and became a key date in the community's calendar. It survived big changes in Butetown, as regeneration began in and around it, with tens of thousands attending the parade in its hey-day. But in 1998 it came to a halt for a combination of reasons, including competition from other festivals in the city."

The carnival returned in 2014 after a 16-year break. Source:, accessed 9/1/17.

The article reads:

Carnival's work is far from over - By Clare Kitchen

ORGANISERS of the cash-strapped Bute town carnival have been forced to work from home - but are determined the show must go on.

Funding has been so tight this year, they have been unable to afford a telephone and office to co-ordinate their huge task.

Rumours have abounded that Cardiff's biggest carnival is to be cancelled, but organiser Humie Webbe is adamant that it will go on as usual.

“This is absolutely untrue,” she said.

“We have not yet received all the funds promised to us and this has meant we have not been able to have a phone.

“But the carnival will still go on, although the bands who play will have to accept that our budget has been cut.”

The 31st carnival will take place on August 28, bringing the sound of the Caribbean to Cardiff Bay.

The carnival attracts up to 15,000 visitors, and last year cost £22,000 - but the organisers have struggled to raise funds for this year's event.

Humie Webbe said: “it is very difficult to raise the money necessary because everyone we approach assumes we get the bulk of it from Cardiff Bay Development Corporation.

A spokesman for CBDC said: “We are fully committed to the continued success of the carnival.

“However the understanding with the organisers has always been that our funding would be reduced gradually over the years, as the carnival becomes established and secured other sponsors.”

Anyone seeking further information should contact Nikki Delgado on 01222 456448.

Stall applications should be sent to Shelagh Anderson, Community Resources Centre, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff, CF1 6DR, enclosing an SAE.

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