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Llythyr a anfonwyd gan William at un o'i chwiorydd.(102610)Fort Brockhurst Gosport HantsJuly 2nd, 1916Dear sister I am taking the pleasure of writing you these few lines hoping that you are all well as it leaves me here at the present time. I am getting on all right here i was doing a bit of gardening today I haven't done much ... since I am here only a bit of drilling and marching there, a nice place around here and many things to be seen here - flying machines by the dozens are flying above our heads here. I have been here without shifing [shifting] much only from one fort to another here which is only about half a mile or so from each other. There's one Welshman that came up the same time as me is having been shifted tomorrow and I don't know how soon I will be shifted. there's four Welshmen here in the same tent as me and last night I saw a chap here in the camp from Brynberian, the son of Offi Vaughan one time at Treddafi. I was in church yesterday morning. there's a church parade here every sunday morning they pick us out according to what religion we ... wish to go and then we march along in thousands from Tygwrig to Llysydefaid in four, full the road and when they are all calling us out for some job we got to march but it's a grand life like this. only the one thing is missing you know far from home and can't run to it as I would wish. I have had a few letters from Charlotte [his wife]. I hope she had money by now. God bless you from W Howells

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