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*Title cut off* EBENSBURG

Rev Samuel Griffiths and Attorney Alvin Sherbine will Speak


Miss Grace Evans, of the Music Committee.

The seventh annual reunion of the Salem Home-Coming Association, of North Ebensburg, will be held next Sunday, when the Rev. Samuel W. Griffiths, formerly of this city, now of Cleveland, will preach at 10:45 a.m. A memorial service has been booked for 2 o'clock p.m., after which attorney Alvin Sherbine, of this city, will address the assemblage. Suitable musical numbers are being planned by Robert H. Owens, of the Eighth Ward; Alan B. Davis, of Westmont, and Miss Grace Evans, of Pittsburg, the latter former soprano soloist of the Franklin-street Methodist Episcopal Church, who is spending her vacation at the John L. Evans home in Ebensburg. Since the gathering last summer the officers of the church have secured a charter from the courts of Cambria County for "the support of a Literary and Library Association, whereby the knowledge of Literature, secular as well as religious, may be advanced, and the traditions and memory of the Salem Calvinistic Methodist Church of Cambria Township, Cambria County, which Church is now extinct, may be preserved and perpetuated, and for these purposes to have, possess and enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges conferred by the Act of Assembly, April 29, 1874, and its supplements."
The charter was signed by the following: Mrs. Eva (Evans) Jose, T. Lawrence Edwards, Elmer E. Davis, Mrs. May (Davis) Squire, Seward D. Davis, D.L. Owens, John L. Evans, Miss Martha Jones, and William R. Rowland.
The friends interested in improving the grounds about the historic church will meet there tomorrow, a business meeting to be held at the church at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Mrs. Thomas H. Jose, of Cleveland, O., is the President of the Association. She and Mr. Jose and their daughters, Misses Margaret and Martha Joes, of Cleveland, and Mrs. Carolyn (Jose) Philp, of Oklahoma, with her little daughter, Rinda Carolyn Philp, will arrive at the John T. Evans residence in Ebensburg tomorrow to remain until after the reunion.
Local friends of the association are planning to place markers along the route between Johnstown and the church especially for those not acquainted with the route. Elmer E. Davis, of Moxham, the Treasurer of the association, will be present at the gathering to receive the annual dues from the members.

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