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Brother and sister strong man act which was organised in pubs and working men's clubs in the Cynon Vally.

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Darlun Tony
This is my aunt and uncle I don't think this story is true I have the original photo it was taken in the garden of my house they would do this for fun Glyn was one of the strongest men in Aberdare in is day he was known as Data sadly he died aged 49 in 1970
Darlun Tony
Is it possible ask the person who posted this photo where they got the information from
Darlun Jayne
The information about Glyn and Alvine was passed to me by my parents, now deceased. Glyn was my father's first cousin. He was an aspiring boxer and, along with Don McCorkindale from South Africa and Freddie Mills who was to become the world light heavyweight champion 1948 -50, attended the Royal Albert Hall in London for trials. Glyn didn't pursue his sporting career as he was judged to lack the boxer's 'killer instinct', so returned to the valleys where he worked on the railway. Alvine was a tall lady, at least 5'9'' (the height factor is a dominant gene in my family),so the photo does show Glyn's considerable strength. I never knew Glyn but was very friendly with Alvine and her husband, Vince until their deaths.
Darlun Tony
Hi Jayne Murphy my Mother was (Nellie) Eleanor Williams sister to Glyn and Alvine I am interested to know who your father was to be a first Glyn

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