"Cyngor newsletter. A quarterly fact sheet edited by Griffith H. Williams, Bothell WA. USA. This newsletter is not an official publication of the Puget Sound Welsh Association, but most contributors were. These documents are archived into the Puget Sound Welsh Association Archives with the permission of the Association and of the editors since they represent views of some members of the Association and of others in the Welsh community in the region. At the request of the publisher they are not redacted. Date of publication is approximate This is file number psw01116 in the Welsh heritage Center Archive ( see link) "

Cyngor Vol. V No. 1 March 1993
Cynnwys: Cultural survival and economic development gan Dr. Gwilym Stover; Dwgwyl Dewi Sant gan Gruffydd Hirwallt; Bod yn Rhydd/Being Free gan Bob Roser, wedi ei gyfieithu gan Griffith H. Williams [GHW]; A good idea again gan Marion Harriss; The Welsh Extremists gan Eric Bowen; Wales 21; Language decline has halted gan Eric Bowen; Sensitivity Tours; Reflecting upon fire bombs gan GHW.

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