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Photograph taken on a line north of Cardiff. The locomotive has been identified as no.Number 6402
Grouping Number GWR (Great Western Railway) 6402

The locomotive was built on 29/02/1932. Builder Swindon Works (GWR / British Railways)
In 1948 was at shed 88A (Cardiff Cathays).

Withdrawn from service on 30/06/1959
Disposal details-R.S. Hayes / Birds, Tremains Yard, Bridgend. Disposal Date28/02/1960 (Cut up)

The Class was built for light passenger work
with smaller driving wheels. Weight:45 tons 12 cwt

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Darlun Lindsay Bryant
Location is just south of Heath Junction, where the line to Coryton branches off the main line to Caerphilly and Rhymney. The train is working as an autotrain (the locomotive is pushing the coaches) and is heading towards Cardiff Queen Street Station.

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