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This is a photograph of the Training officers / staff of the No. 8 District Police Training Centre, Bryncethin near Bridgend. As printed on the backing mount, it was taken on the 17th May 1946.

During World War II, a temporary police Training Centre was situated at Dyffryn House, St. Nicholas near Cardiff. I believe the Training centre was transferred to premises at Bryncethin during late 1945 or early 1946.

After a short period, it was transferred again, to the Glamorgan Constabulary Police Headquarters at Cowbridge Road, Bridgend, where it remained for approximately a quarter of a century.

There were a total of 8 Regional Police Training Centre's across England and Wales, all known by their number. This one was known as number 8 D.P.T.C, and trained new police officers from right across Wales and occasionally some other police forces from outside of Wales i.e. Devon and Herefordshire.

The officer in the centre at the rear, is Inspector Walby of the Monmouthshire Constabulary. This is one of 17 mounted photographs that formerly belonged to him.

Other officers who can be identified are: Front row second from the left - Inspector Ronald Baker, Glamorgan Constabulary. Rear row furthest left- Sergeant Bob Martin, Glamorgan Constabulary. In the late 1940's early 50's he was a Sergeant stationed at Cadoxton Police Station in Barry.

The collection of photographs now form part of my Welsh police photographic collection.

The Ross Mather Police Memorabilia of Wales Collection.

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