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Lluniau o lyfr gan athrawes yn Bosherston, Mrs Evans, tua 1930:
“Or Sprig’s enclosure is situated on the south western side of Bosherston Ponds. Here may be seen a series of terraces leading down to the waters edge.
Legend tells us that one day when the labourers were ploughing this field, Our Lord passed by and spoke to them saying that they would reap corn there on a certain date. When they looked up no one was to be seen, but it was related that Christ sought refuge from His enemies at St Govan’s Chapel and that he passed this field on his way. The story also tells us that the corn was reaped as he foretold.”

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Darlun Adrian T A James
The road that runs down to the water's edge must have had a very particular function before the flooding of the valley. Did it run along the valley bottom to Broadhaven?

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