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Fragment only (37ft) of a shipwreck drama made by [Arthur] William Haggar (1851-1925), a travelling showman and film pioneer based in Wales from the 1880s onwards. The few surviving shots (which include an inter-title in the same style as the inter-titles used on 'The Life of Charles Peace) show Haggar's son, William [Will Jnr.], as Harry Mainstay, a sailor, taking leave of his home and family.
Shot of sea (from above - from on board a ship?)
Harry [William Haggar Jnr.], dressed in a sailor suit and carrying a small bundle, is seen leaving a house (walking along the path and out the gate), his arm about his wife, who has her arm about a young girl, presumably their daughter. Harry waves goodbye to a couple (his parents?) who come out of the house after him (the man in captain's uniform - he waves his cap - the woman drying her eyes on her apron). Harry kisses his wife and they walk on.
Harry, his wife and daughter are then seen approaching the ship he is to board, their backs to camera. It is apparent that his wife is now crying herself. Harry turns to say goodbye to his daughter.

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