P.S. Caerdydd Queen Paddle stemar o'r Campbell Llinell P & A. tripiau dydd o amgylch arfordir Cymru

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Darlun Lindsay Bryant
P & A Campbells 'Cardiff Queen' Fairfield Ship Building & Engineering 1947) the last seagoing excursion paddle steamer built in Britain pictured at Ilfracombe. As a point of interest this photograph was retouched (or Photoshopped as we would term it nowadays) for use as a postcard, the original, also issued as a postcard showed the steamer reversing out of Ilfracombe, but a subsequent print run showed, as above, the steamer approaching the harbour. Whilst the wake, smoke, bow-wave and flags have been changed, close examination will reveal that the Captain on the bridge and a number of passengers are not looking in the implied direction of travel.
Darlun Porthcawl museum
Thanks for that so much for the camera never lies Porthcawl Museum

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