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‘Maerdy Hall’ Tuesday 28th November 1922.
At the end of the year in 1922 Maerdy Workmen’s Hall was severely damaged by fire, it was suggested that the fire had been caused by a smouldering cigarette in the balcony of the cinema) a great fire took place in the Workmen’s Hall when Mr John Jones was burnt to death and doing great damage to the building to the extent of thousands of pounds, all inside had to be rebuilt. The books in the library were saved. The new building was opened on 3rd June 1925.

To this day the people of Maerdy speak of the tragic event and of the amazing oil painting which still hangs in the large Reading Room. This massive painting is ‘A War Memorial’ painted by a local lady Mrs W. Rowlands. In spite of the fire which consumed the premises, this magnificent work of art survived the heat and fumes. The oils did not run and although not covered in glass the painting remained unchanged, to be hung in the new institute when it was opened on 3rd June 1925. The cost of building and refurbishing the institute was over £35,000 and it took three years to complete.

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