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Mae'r llythyr yn darllen fel a ganlyn:

'My Dearest Edyth

I daresay you have received the telegram I sent yesterday telling you that I am free once more. I might be in England before this letter but I dont know yet so I am going to be on the safe side by sending it. We (1200 of us) left our camp [Atltdamm?] at 9 o clock 30th Nov and marched to Stettin and got on board our ship at 1 am 1st Dec. We had a fine welcome on board by the Danish Red Cross and we had breakfast before starting on board (with eggs). We started off about five and were clear of Germany by seven. We arrived in Copenhagen at five in the evening and had a great reception there. I will tell you all about that later on when I come home. We are having a fine time now with plenty of everything we want. We are now waiting to go home and are at present in a Danish Military camp. We dont know how long we are going to be here at present. All we know is that we wont be kept here for more than a fortnight but I dont think we shall be here long. I shall certainly be home before Christmas as for a long holiday then we shall be happy. I can hardly believe that it is true and I am afraid of waking up again to find it a dream but we shall soon get used to it now.

Well Dearest Edyth I thought of writing a long letter but I am too full of joy and cant do anything so had better keep the news to tell you at home in front of our own fire. Oh Dear what a happy time is coming.

Give my Best Love to Eldred and dont let him have to much of his own way until I come home and really he must no be so naughty as me.

I shall write again in a few day when we are more settled down and know a bit more about what they are going to do with us.

Dearest Love
from your true and
loving husband

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