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Denise Smith was born in Islington, London in 1944. Dramatic and tragic circumstances of World War two meant she was evacuated to Cwmparc where she grew up and still lives. Denise has fond memories of growing up in Cwmparc on a “Welsh Hearth” although the effect of the bomb explosion is still with her. For many years she was a teacher. She is a very talented crafter and runs classes in the community helping others find enjoyment from making and crafting. Her stalls at the Cwmparc fetes (usually St George’s) are not to be missed! Hers is an extraordinary story.

0.02 Being born in Islington and the tragic turn of events in World War two that led to her life being changed

01.42 How she was evacuated to Cwmparc

02.56 How she came to be adopted by two ladies in Cwmparc

05.22 Her childhood with Sadie and Jane Davies (Aunty and Mumma)

07.07 Being brought up with two languages

07.28 (Yn Gymraeg) Welsh speakers in Cwmparc who are no longer with us

07.42 The difference between the Welsh the hearth and learning Welsh at Porth County Grammar school.

08.00 The impact of the explosion on her

08.49 How so much was on offer for children and young people from the various chapels and churches

09.56 How she runs a craft group and activities for the community now

12.54 The effect on her of hearing the sound of the “doodlebug” ( one of which killed her mother) during a televised celebration of VE Day

14.40 How she’d like Cwmparc to be remembered

15.56 The Bracchis and fond memories of “Dom’s” cafe

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