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Cathie's passion for sustainability shines through in her airy Holyhead refill shop.

A Little Bit Eco has been a feature in Holyhead for the last four years. Owner Cathie is early adopter and champion of sustainable practices. Her new, airy premises on William’s Street will provide you with all your refill needs, be it for your body, laundry or general cleaning throughout the home.

The personal nature of Cathies enterprise can be seen in every aspect of her shop. She is committed to recycling and sustainability in every detail. Her shelves are recycled, including one made from the remnants of a ladder and a broken bed. Her logo, designed by her daughter, is painted on recycled material, and then framed out by her son from a banister that had to be replaced.

While the products may seem on first sight more expensive than generic supermarket brands, all products offered are of the highest quality and are really effective. Because a little of each goes a long way, they represent excellent value for money. Many products have multiple uses. While some swaps are initially more expensive, they last longer making them much cheaper in the long run. All products are sold by weight so you can have exactly what you need with no minimum weight, making it the perfect way to try new products without having to commit to a whole bottle as you would in supermarkets.

All products are eco-friendly, made from sustainable plant based ingredients, that are cruelty free, vegan and kind to you an our planet. All products (excluding bamboo items) are made in the UK by small, often family run businesses. They are supplied on a circular system where all packaging is washed and reused.

Cathie's products for body are natural, kind for those with sensitivities and are gentle on your skin, teeth and hair. Be sure and ask her for advice on which products will suit your needs, as everything is carefully chosen by her, she can make excellent recommendations!

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