"This is the complete program brochure for the Annual North American Festival of Wales held in Utica, New York. This event Was held during the Covid-19 outbreak and had a much lower atterndance. Seminar presenters: Jay G. Williams III, Susan Davies Sit, Ann Griffith, Robert Humphries, David Lloyd, Susan Jones Graf, Ted Engle, Hywel Roberts, Eoghan O’Regan, Lowri Llewelyn Kelly, Taylor Heather DeFer, Jan Jones Batty. Entertainment Providers: Straford and Andrea Wild, Gaye Harrison, Katherine Crusi, Catrin Davies, Nerys Jones, Todd Thomas, Jenny Oaks Baker, Larry Molinaro.

This is file number WNAA 00093 in the Association data base. Original documents with the same accession number are stored at the Great Plains Welsh heritage Center, Wymore, Nebraska."

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