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Mae canol y sampler hon wedi'i brodio gydag adeilad ysgol llwyd, mawr. O dan yr adeilad hwn mae'r geiriau ' A Representation of the National / School, Newchurch'. Mae pennill wedi'i frodio ar draws brig y sampler: 'As plants while tender bed which you please / And are though crooked first made straight with ease / Yet if those plants to their full stature grow / Irregular they'll break as soon as bow / So youth set right at first with ease go on / And each new task is with new pleasure done / But if neglected till they grow in years / And each fond mother her dear darling spares / Error becomes habitual and we find / Tis then hard labour to reform the mind.' Mae anifeiliaid a choed, ac ymyl rhedegog hefyd wedi'u brodio ar y sampler hon. Mae'r wneuthurwaig wedi nodi'i manylion o dan yr adeilad: 'The above was worked by Ann Stott, daughter of John and / Sarah Stott Sexton of St. Nicholas Church Newchurch at the / above school in the 13 year of her age.' Wedi'i frodio mewn pwyth croes a satin mewn sidanau lliw ar liain. Mesuriadau: 59cm x 60cm.

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