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This booklet, created by the Dance Committee, raised funds for the social activities of the CNSYA (Cardiff New Synagogue Youth Association). Presumably space was sold to contributors. It is undated but states that the organisation has been active for nearly five years. As the organisation started in 1949, this would date it as 1954.

The first page lists the members of the Dance Committee and has a message of appreciation to the Ladies’ Guild “for their co-operation and untiring efforts to make this dance a success”. The Ladies Guild helped the synagogue with fund-raising and catering.

The seventh page lists the CNSYA committee and states:
“The Cardiff New Synagogue Youth Association has completed nearly five years active work amongst the Jewish Youth of Cardiff.
As well as providing an important part of the Synagogue activities the Association organises meetings of an educational and social nature, and has attracted the active support of the young Jewish people from the Cardiff and Newport Communities.
Our constant endeavour is to foster a traditional Jewish spirit in the lives of young people, and everyone with interests in sympathy with the Association are welcome.
Regular meetings are held in our room at the Synagogue on Sunday evenings and details are available from the Hon. Secretary.”

Contributors included::
•Flex Fasteners Ltd, Dinas
•Strand Furnishers, 43 Hayes, Cardiff
•Burlington Gloves, Ltd, Treforest Trading Estate
•A Labin & Co Ltd, Treforest Trading Estate
•Jelly Industries, Ltd, Bridgend
•Zeidman’s Ltd, drapers, outfitters and household furnishers, Cowbridge Road
•John Bull Stores Ltd
•Samuel Hall Ltd, High Street, High Street Arcade & Duke Street, Cardiff, who supplied curtain materials for the Synagogue Hall.

The Cardiff Reform Synagogue was founded in 1948 as the Cardiff New Synagogue. The following year, it became a constituent member of the Movement for Reform Judaism. Born in reaction against the more restrictive traditions of the Orthodox Judaism of Cardiff Hebrew Congregation, such as the prohibition of driving on the Sabbath and the ban on interfaith marriages, the new Synagogue appealed to the immigrants who had fled the war-torn Europe, where the Reform movement was already well-established. The congregation worships in a converted Methodist Chapel on Moira Terrace they acquired in 1952.

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Depository: Glamorgan Archives.

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