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A Short History of Reform Judaism in South Wales study (147 pages) was written by Alan Liss with the aim to “survey the development of a Progressive “Reform” Jewish congregation in South Wales, between 1947-70” (Preface, p. 6).
Chapter 1: Historical background.
1.1.19th century movement for Reform in Britain.
1.2.Reform Judaism Britain 1930-50.
1.3.The social climate in post-war Judaism.
Chapter 2: A short rabbinical biography.
2.1. 1912-1938.
2.2. 1939-1947.
2.3. 1948-1953.
Chapter 3: The founders 1947-48.
Chapter 4: Orthodoxy: initial hostility.
4.1. Reaction of the United Synagogue.
4.2. Reform’s self-defence.
4.3. Further United Synagogue action.
4.4. Orthodox attempts at conciliation.
Chapter 5: Consolidation.
5.1. A temporary home.
5.2. The arrival of a Rabbi.
5.3. Lay democracy and the constitution 1948-56.
Chapter 6: The Synagogue building 1950-69.
6.1. Methodist Chapel to Synagogue.
6.2. Finance.
6.3. Later building developments.
6.4. Financing the growth.
Chapter 7: Reform Judaism and the local Jewish press.
7.1 The role of CAJEX magazine.
7.2. Evidence of residual hostility.
7.3. Agreeing to differ.
7.4. Orthodoxy calls for decorum.
7.5. Impartiality: The achievement of CAJEX magazine.
Chapter 8: Relations with British Jewry 1952-60.
8.1. Cardiff.
8.2. Relations with the RSGB.
Chapter 9: The growth of Synagogue institutions.
9.1. Education.
9.2. The Youth Association.
Chapter 10: Membership: a story of growth.
10.1. The drive for new members.
10.2. Appeal for more religious commitment.
10.3. The problem of Jewish statistics.
10.4. General decline of Cardiff Jewish community.
10.5. Orthodoxy’s decline/Reform’s growth.
10.6. The changing pattern of distribution of Reform Synagogue membership throughout Cardiff 1940-70.
Appendixes 1-3.

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