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Photography by John Ball - 30 April 1999 (scanned from colour prints taken with a Sigma SA-300 35mm single lens reflex camera)

The small and ancient town of Tregaron lies alongside Gors Goch Glan Teifi, the largest peat bog in Wales. Tregaron derives its name from Caron, an Irish saint of the second or third century AD. Tregaron was the birthplace in 1530 of the legendary Welsh character Twm Siôn Cati ("Tom John, son of Catherine"), often described as the Welsh equivalent of Robin Hood. The pictures were taken around noon in the centre of Tregaron on a sunny April day.

Image 1:

A Welsh farmer strides across Tregaron's main street, no doubt hoping to enjoy lunch in one of the several old pubs in the town.

Image 2:

St Caron's parish church is built on a knoll in the centre of town.

Image 3:

One of the many narrow lanes in Tregaron.

Image 4:

A row of old cottages, the centre one is now [1999] the Just Curious antiques shop.

Image 5:

This old farmhouse is only 100 yards from the town centre.

Update - May 2009: Local historian Shirley Martin tells me:
The 'Old Farmhouse' in Tregaron used to be the Fountain Inn. The first record I have of it is dated 1830. It ceased to be the Fountain Inn in 1936. The buildings next to the Fountain Inn going up the hill are 'Penlan', a farm which belonged to the Powell family of Nanteos and Sunny Hill from at least from 1815 to 1918, but the Fountain Inn was not part of the Powell family estates.

Image 6:

The town bank, and Y Llew Côch (Red Lion) inn (right).

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