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The 'Borough' Guide published by the Town Council and Edward J Burrows Co refers to the fine three-arched bridge over the Rheidol. The 'Aberystwyth Official Guide and Souvenir' published by the Aberystwyth Corporation in 1924 includes a photograph of the 'Trefachan Bridge'. It is the third bridge over the Rheidol built in 1888 by David Lloyd of Aberystwyth to a design by Sir James Szlumper. The first being destroyed by floods in 1796. The famous architect, John Nash, designed a replacement. He was the foremost architect of the Regency and Georgian periods, with Buckingham Palace, Regent Street and Marble Arch in London being amongst his most famous works. From 1784 to 1795 he lived in Carmarthen and undertook commissions including the several medium-sized country houses such as the old Castle House, Aberystwyth (now part of the Old College) and Llanerchaeron. His bridge was opened in 1800, but also destroyed by floods in 1886.

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