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Alex and Aled speaking about their best times in their Schools and Bridgend College. Aled talks about how he likes to break out the doors and loves to bend the rules and only got caught once. College was very good and studying he trade that he had done and of course meeting Alex on the way up to College.
Alex's best times in School was having good friends that was able to talk to and to create bond and friendships. It was harder for him because he's got a learning disability and mostly he had a few favourite teachers such Mr Monk in Maesybryn. He had support through his whole education of school & College. College was more laidback and you were able to go out of the grounds without any permission. Also enjoyed the different kind of friends that he met in Bridgend College and they all had learning disabilities, which was comfortable and much easier. It was amazing and so glad to have gone there.

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