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Rockin' John's Wedding - City Hall (2006) Time for a Wonderbrass team photo - dressed to impress on the steps of City Hall Cardiff at one the the finest rock and roll themed weddings! Rich Thurston (trombone), Brett Chandra (flute), Pete Newman (trombone), Mike Newman (trumpet), Rich Evans (trumpet), Mark O'Connor (drums), Stuart (kilt) McHardy (tenor), Stu "The Herb" (tenor), Rich Evans (trumpet), Simon Cox (baritone), Jim Barrett (bass sax), Jenny Bradley (tenor), Angharad Evans (soprano), Simon Watkins (percussion), Kate ?(flute), Helen Jones (alto), Fiona Heney (percussion), Anthony Mathews (alto), Colin "Choppo" Hopkins (alto). Trombonist and professional photographer from Pontypridd Derek Lewis could never resit a photo opportunity!

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