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Minute book entry for the Cardiff Maccabi Football Club, Cardiff, held at the Cathedral Road Youth Centre in Cardiff, on Sunday, 6 April 1969 - 'Maccabi' referring to a Jewish Organisation with its mission to "Promote Jewish Identity through Sport" [source:].

The individual entries in the book primarily follow the formula of: date, members present, agenda, minutes, correspondence, the treasurer's' report, matches, and elections. However, there are variations as the entries continue over the years, with more pressing matters taking priority. For this entry, Mr Lawrence Lewis offered his resignation as secretary, and Mr Lawrence Goodman resumed the position. The topic discussed was primarily the mini raffle; the Football Club was under agreement with the Youth Centre Welfare Committee to sell 150 of the 200 ticket. Each member should have sold 6 each. It was also decided that Mr L. Felman would be given a present in appreciation of his services to the club and that the total amount the club members donated would be doubled by the club itself. Additionally, it was discovered that only half of the allocated raffle tickets were actually sold. The Chairman of the Club pointed out in detail how important it was to sell all of the tickets.

The Maccabi Union Great Britain is the more commonly used shorter name of the Union of Maccabi Associations in Great Britain. Similarly to its counterparts across the globe, it exists to promote the active participation in sports and education of young Jewish men and women, in order to enhance their Jewish identity, values and commitment to the community [source: coll_id=14836&inst_id=118&nv1=search&nv2=].

In 1969, Stanley Soffa and Adrian Freedman travelled to London to submit an application, so their Cardiff Football Club would be allowed to join the Maccabi Southern Football League - it was accepted. The team finished 3rd in the 1970/71 season and were promoted, but at the annual general meeting there was discussion about joining the Cardiff Sunday League, which had been founded by a group of individuals (not Jewish) who got together in late August 1970. After a hard struggle with the City Council and the South Wales Football Association, they were later given permission to commence matches in early October 1970 [source: Cardiff Maccabi Football Club. Doc].

Depository: Glamorgan Archives.

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