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Notes on ABSTRACTION AT FEN ONWYN (revisited), Bont-Newydd, Ceredigion 2014

I was walking past, a few sheets of film remained and heading for my car. I hadn’t even realized I would be walking past. I, of course, stopped and had a quick look around. I knew the house was for sale but that must have been two or three years ago. It would appear it was still unsold. The place had, however, been cleared up a little. Most of the debris from the barns, including the motorbike, had gone. Someone had recently kicked a hole in the front door. There were also a few ornaments on a front window sill. I took a few photographs and left. I don’t much like this house. It’s somehow foreboding and too barren for my tastes. This image shows the front door, tiny flakes of paint crumbling off, exposed to all weathers, all year around.

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