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Carol Wadsworth and Steve Phillips discuss their connection to Community House through Maindee Primary School.

Prior to their retirements, Carol was the head teacher of Maindee Primary School and Steve was a senior teacher at the school. They joined the school in 1998 when the school had moved into a new building. An infant school and a junior school had been amalgamated to form this new school. They were preparing the school for an inspection. The focus was on curriculum and discipline rather than community, which came later. They both felt that the school, which had a multicultural intake, provided then with a very interesting challenge. Carol wanted to work within a Primary School again. Steve had been a teacher for 25 years and was not interested in a Headship at the time.

They agreed that building links with the community was very important and they worked closely with Community House to begin this. There had never been any links to the school before.

Carol and Steve were instrumental in forming community links and had to work very hard to do this. They initially linked with the Mother and Toddler Group and the Tuesday Lunch Club. Carol said she was so proud of the way their young pupils engaged with the elderly members of the Lunch Club. A very important link was the setting up, with the support of Brian Selby, of The Young Citizen’s Club. These pupils were also involved in the design of The Peace Garden in Community House. Both Carol and Steve agreed that the links made through participation in the annual Maindee Festival, were both joyous and of great value.

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