Henry Prime MM - Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Father of D-Day Veteran Gordon Prime

Henry Prime was the father of Gordon Prime who today lives in Pembroke Dock and was himself a veteran of the D-Day landings in 1944. Born around 1888, Henry served with the Royal Welsh Fuselier’s with great distinction as a regular from 1906-1919 being awarded the Military Medal and rising from the ranks to become Company Sgt Major before receiving a commission. Lt Henry Prime MM continued as a reservist with the RWF up to 1937 aged 49yrs old. In 1940 following the formation of the Local Defence Force, Henry and his 16yrs old son, Gordon enlisted in the LDV or Home Guard, as it is more commonly known. Henry died aged 67yrs old in 1956. Gordon has always been immensely proud of his father’s military service and in 1991 Gordon donated two of his father’s RWF tunics to the Royal Welsh Museum in Wrexham. Gordon shared his own story of WW2 with the West Wales Veterans’ Archive on People’s Collection Wales in August 2020 when the spoke of a desire to capture his father’s story in the RWF. With diligent research undertaken by Age Cymru Dyfed volunteer, Caroline Hayley, Gordon is delighted that the account of his father’s esteemed service in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers is now available for public view on People’s Collection Wales in the National Library of Wales.

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