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This is a collection of files extracted from The Synagogue Review which was a periodical which covered the news of Reform synagogues in England and Wales predominantly. It is unclear yet, who first published the periodical before May 1957 however, there is evidence that the Review's publication was taken over by the Association of Synagogues in Great Britain and had a newly appointed Synagogue Review Committee of the A.S.G.B appointed in May 1957.

Since 2005, they have been known as The Movement for Reform Judaism. They provide a monthly update on the events occurring in each synagogue's area, ranging from events like services, to deaths, births, marriages as well as cultural or extracurricular activities like film nights and reading groups.

In this edition, the cover shows a handwritten four-part musical piece named, ‘psalm 23’ and was created in memoriam of Oswald Simon. The additional page discusses Cardiff Reform Synagogue’s events for February 1957. Content includes the dates and times Sabbath services were held, religion classes, as well as ‘Cultural Activity’ and Film evening and a party held at Communal Hall for the Ner Tamid Group.

Sources: ‘Backgound’ in Glamorgan Archive, in Record, D1718 - Cardiff New/Reform Synagogue Records - 1948 - 2019’ [Accessed 16 March 2023]

‘MS 302 Archives of the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain’ in University of Southampton Special Archives [Accessed 16 March 2023]

Depository: Glamorgan Archives

This was uploaded by Heledd Holloway as part of the Jewish History Association of South Wales/Cymdeithas Hanes Iddewig De Cymru (JHASW/CHIDC) 'Sharing skills: enabling communities to preserve their heritage' project.


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